AeroTech's patented Ecowing Fuel Savings Modification is the only wing modification for the B737 -300, -400, & -500 series designed to improve lift and aerodynamic performance without costly structural modifications.

The modification enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of the wing by increasing the aircraft's lift-to-drag ratio.

The aft segments of the trailing edge flaps are relocated aft and below their standard locations when the flaps are retracted. These changes result in increased wing area, increased airfoil camber, and a lengthened wing chord.

Modification improves aerodynamic efficiency by:

  • Increasing the wings lifting capability
  • Reducing inherent induced drag of both the wings and horizontal stabilizer

This results in:
  • Decreased time-to-climb
  • Reduced power necessary to maintain a given altitude and airspeed
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Lower NOx and C02 emissions
With no changes to operational or flight procedures

2% - 4% fuel savings proven in FAA flight tests and by analysis of pre and post modification performance of in service aircraft.

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